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Formula Mathematics Equation Mathematical Symbol Geometry Information Concept

Formula Mathematics Equation Mathematical Symbol Geometry Information Concept

Award for Irish Teachers of Mathematics

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Nominations for the 2023-2024 Award for Irish Teachers of Mathematics are now open.

Do you know an inspiring Mathematics teacher?

Principals, colleagues, parents and students (current or former) are invited to nominate Mathematics teachers by completing a short online form. Please make your nominations as factual as possible: concrete evidence of excellence will be appreciated much more than a list of adjectives. 

You can use the Word file to type in your answers as you go, and then just copy and paste in the online Nomination form. 

Do you know young people who have been helped, inspired, challenged to reach their full potential by their Mathematics teacher?

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Principals, Colleagues

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Selection Criteria

We are looking for teachers of Mathematics who

Employ a wide range of teaching and assessment strategies which result in increased student appreciation and understanding of Mathematics.

In particular, we will look at how the teachers combine various types of lesson contentteaching methods and feedback mechanisms to inspire, improve performance, foster independent thinking, and challenge their students.

Actively monitor the experience and progress of each student, and provide individually tailored support to students to help each maximize their potential.

In particular, we will look at how teachers help students overcome difficulties due to socio-economic background or other factors; provide enrichment activities beyond the call of the timetable; and make good use of outside resources to help enhance the students’ experience with Mathematics. 

Are experts in their subject and always seek self-improvement and professional development, actively collaborate and share with colleagues.

In particular, we will look at how teachers keep abreast and adapt to changes in the Mathematics curriculum; 

 maintain an awareness of main themes/developments in Mathematics and convey this wider perspective to students; by which means they exchange ideas, materials and methods with other colleagues.

Engage others in supporting students’ development, including colleagues, parents and other professionals. Actively participate in and contribute to Mathematics education-related bodies or organisations.

In particular, we will look at how teachers show initiative and coordinate with colleagues for the benefit of students/school; how they express and share their Mathematical creativity  with the wider community; how they contribute to the work of Mathematics education bodies and organisations.

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Selection Criteria
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