Why take part

If you love Mathematics, this is an ideal opportunity not only to delve deeper into the subject and see what university mathematics is about; but also to develop your communication skills and use them for the benefit of the community by helping teachers run maths circles in primary schools or with 1st-2nd year Junior Cycle students. As a whole, this experience will be a great addition to your CV.

Who is this for

Transition Year students who love mathematics, are curious about the type of mathematics studied at university level, love problem solving and are interested in volunteer teaching/mentoring work with younger children in mathematics clubs (Maths Circles). Students who are working towards a Gaisce's President Award may find this activity particularly suited.

What does it entail

Typically, participants will have the opportunity to attend a variety of undergraduate lectures in mathematics and related area; they will be able to work on a small research project and they receive teaching training.


About 50% of the time is allocated to sampling university lectures, and 50% of the time is allocated to workshops. Of these, some may be dedicated to research while the majority are teaching workshops, whereby participants get divided into teams and practice running a 10-15 min problem-solving classes based on resources we provide. All participants get the opportunity to hone their teaching skills by practice and feedback. At the end there may be a tournament to decide on the best teams based on the participants’ feedback.


Upon graduation of the one week training, participants receive a Teaching Diploma and resource materials which enable them to work as tutors for maths circles for the younger 1st year students in the school, or for primary school students in nearby schools. Maths circles are lunchtime or after-school weekly maths clubs based on our teaching materials, and are typically run by a teacher with the help of tutors. Working as a tutor for younger students in maths circles can serve to fulfil the community involvement requirement of the Gaisce's President Award.

Where and When can I participate

Some of our centres currently run week-long work experience programmes at certain times during the year. For example, UCC Mathematics have allocated the week of 22- 26th of January 2018  for secondary school student work experience. 

How do I apply

Contact the Mathematics Department at the University where you wish to apply - email is the best option. Don't forget to attach your CV and Junior Certificate Transcripts.

Follow-up activities

If you're interested in work experience in Mathematics, then you might also be interested to attend one of our Mathematics Enrichment programmes. Please check out our Mathematics Enrichment section to find out more. 

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