Formula Mathematics Equation Mathematical Symbol Geometry Information Concept

Formula Mathematics Equation Mathematical Symbol Geometry Information Concept













See our Mathematics Olympiads section for more details

Mathematical Olympiad Resources

The Irish Mathematical Olympiad                                                                                                    

The International Mathematical Olympiad                          

The European Girls Mathematical Olympiad            

Art of Problem Solving                           

Maynooth Irish Mathematical Olympiad manual

A list of free Olympiad Training Resources

Online competitions allow you to set up your own goals and progress at your own pace, while also learning a lot from feedback.

Other Mathematics Competitions - Online

Achievement Awards - All year competition for primary, junior and senior secondary school students (8 and up)

LearnStorm challenge - January to May competition for Primary, junior and senior secondary school

Purple Comet - April international online team competition for junior and senior secondary school students 

Hamilton School Mathematics Grand Challenge - for leaving certificate students

These are more focused on speed and precision, and are great as preliminary preparation for Mathematical Olympiads.

Other Mathematics Competitions - In schools

Irish Maths Teachers Association competitions for junior and senior secondary school students

Prism October competition for junior and senior secondary school students

Resources - lessons and problem sets - organized by age.

Resources for Students, Parents and Teachers

Natural Maths: creative maths lessons for ages 3-16. Electronic books under Creative Commons.

Maths Circles Ireland downloads: lesson plans with puzzles, games, problems and solutions for ages 8-18.

Khan Academy online maths lessons and practice for ages 5-18. 

MathHomeSchool network, lessons and problems for ages 6 - 13 ; puzzles/problems for ages 5-18, online and printable games and activities, posters;   

Alcumus online problem solving for ages 8-18, with solutions and accompanying video lessons.     

UKMT Junior Mathematical Challenge problems for ages 12-15, with short solutions          

Virtual Maths Club problems for ages 11 - 18, with solutions;         

Kangaroo problems for ages 6-18;

Paul Erdős International Math Challenge problems for ages 8 - 15; 

Purple Comet problems for ages 11-18, with answers;   

Cut the Knot puzzles and problems for ages 13-18, with explanations.

The US National Association of Math Circles resources with problems for ages 13-18.

Olympiad related lecture notes for ages 15-18: UCC site and UCD site

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