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About this programme

The aim of the series Mathematicians in Our Lives is to grow awareness and interest among students about the broader impact of mathematics, exemplified by the unique contributions of George Boole and William Rowan Hamilton.

UCC Brings Boole2School took place on 2 November 2015 to mark the bicentenary of George Boole. The outreach initiative introduced Boolean mathematics lessons, including puzzles using Minecraft and Candy Crush, to approximately 100,000 children aged 8 to 18 in 51 countries worldwide. The Irish Mathematical Trust has teamed up with UCC School of Mathematical Sciences, with support from the UCC college of SEFS, to help preserve the successful Boole2School legacy. However this time, George Boole is joined by another... William Rowan Hamilton is continuing our ongoing series “Mathematicians in our Lives”.

Why take part

The lesson plans developed for Mathematicians In Our Lives show a different approach to teaching STEM skills, through stimulating puzzles and real world activities, while keeping faithful to the mathematical core. Students will learn about Boolean logic, Hamiltonian circuits, complex numbers, quaternions and geometric transformations, and ways in which these apply in real lives.  Connections with games like Candy Crush, Minecraft and a Quaternion toy help keep students entertained.  

When to run a class in your school

In Ireland, 16th October is Hamilton Day, while 2nd November is the birthday of George Boole. Both fall close to Maths Week, so this would be a good opportunity to do something special with your class. However, we believe in celebrating Mathematics all year round - you may use the lessons whenever it fits your schedule. 

What ages is this event suitable for

We have dedicated lessons for different age group between the ages 9-18. 

How to get started

Register your class and you will gain access to all the lesson plans and classroom materials for both Boole2School and Hamilton2 (x2).  Once you receive the password, you can click on the icons of each of the two sections to download the respective lessons. You may also register as a parent or student, for home study. Please note: Lessons in Irish and Mandarin are currently only available for Boole2School.

Some follow-up activities suggestions

​​You could set up a regular event in the form of a Maths Circle (or club) to keep your students enthused about mathematics by exposing them to the more creative side.

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Boole2School Legacy Lessons

Hamilton Lessons

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