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George Boole

The Boole2School Legacy is a UCC based initiative whose goal is to grow awareness and interest among students about the broader impact of mathematics, exemplified by the unique contribution of George Boole.

UCC Brings Boole2School commenced on 2 November 2015 to mark the bicentenary of George Boole. The outreach initiative introduced Boolean mathematics lessons, including puzzles using Minecraft and Candy Crush, to approximately 100,000 children aged 8 to 18 in 51 countries worldwide. Going forward Math Circles Ireland and the UCC Maths Enrichment Programme will continue to deliver Boole2School each November as part of the 

Mathematicians in Our Lives series at the Irish Mathematical Trust.

We gratefully acknowledge support from UCC SEFS as well as the SFI Discover and Smart Futures funding programmes in preserving the Boole2School legacy.

The Lessons


The age ranges are suggestions based on the Irish curriculum. Please feel free to 

  1. use any appropriate lesson for your class;

  2. adapt the language in the lesson plans to make it more relevant or accessible to the students in your class;

  3. use material from all of the lessons (for example, by using all of the puzzles from the lessons with students of any age group)


These lesson plans and resource pack were created within the George Boole 200 programme, with the support of UCC’s Math Department. The project benefited from the support of ATECI, NAPD, IPPN, PDST and EMC.

Interactive timelines and online videos may be useful teaching tools for your students. 

Presenting the Boole2School Lessons

We have put together a Powerpoint presentation to help you deliver your UCC Brings Boole2School lesson plan. Please feel free to amend and adapt this presentation to suit your students.

Boole2School Lesson Plans

Boole2School Lesson Ages 8-10

Boole2School Lesson Ages 10-12

Boole2School Lesson Ages 12-14

Boole2School Lesson Ages 14-16

Boole2School Lesson Ages 16-18

Powerpoint Presentation (for Teachers)


Student Worksheets

Worksheet Ages 8-10

Worksheet Ages 10-12

Worksheet Ages 12-14

Worksheet Ages 14-16

Worksheet Ages 16-18


Boole2School Lessons As Gaeilge

Irish Lesson Ages 8-10

Irish Lesson Ages 10-12

Irish Lesson Ages 12-14

Irish Lesson Ages 14-16

Irish Lesson Ages 16-18


Boole2School Lessons in Mandarin

Mandarin Lesson Ages 8-10

Mandarin Lesson Ages 10-12

Mandarin Lesson Ages 12-14

Mandarin Lesson Ages 14-16

Mandarin Lesson Ages 16-18


Boole2School Worksheets in Mandarin

Mandarin Worksheets Ages 8-10

Mandarin Worksheets Ages 10-12

Mandarin Worksheets Ages 12-14

Mandarin Worksheets Ages 14-16

Mandarin Worksheets Ages 16-18

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