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Round One of the 33rd Irish Mathematical Olympiad

Irish Maths Olympiad Round 1 will take place in schools next week (11-15 November).

Teachers are invited to register at

The Irish Mathematical Olympiad is an annual event which is open to all students from second level schools in Ireland. Participation in the first round will allow your teachers to identify any students in your school who have a special affinity for mathematics. These students will be invited to Mathematics Enrichment classes that are being offered at universities around the country.

Mathematics Enrichment classes seek to help students develop valuable problem solving skills through free lessons designed to nurture creative thinking and love of mathematics in a supportive atmosphere, among like-minded peers. Students attending the Mathematics Enrichment programmes also have the opportunity to try out for a chance to represent Ireland in international competitions for school students:

 EGMO: The European Girls Mathematical Olympiad on 15-21 April, 2020 in Netherlands

 IMO: The 61st International Mathematical Olympiad on 8th -18th July 2020 in St Petersburg, Russia.

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