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The first edition of the Award for Irish Teachers of Mathematics

Across Ireland there are teachers rising to the challenges of their profession: helping all students to reach their potential, perfecting their mastery of the subject, motivating and inspiring pupils, contributing to the educational community and celebrating Ireland’s diverse mathematical heritage. For this purpose the Irish Mathematical Trust and its partners, the Frank Kenny fund at the Community Foundation for Ireland, the Royal Irish Academy and Science Foundation Ireland, are pleased to announce a new initiative, the Awards for Irish Teachers of Mathematics. The purposes of these awards are to help showcase the work of exceptional teachers and to promote their strategies for improving the students’ enjoyment and understanding of Mathematics.

The main award will consist of a trophy, together with €10,000, conferred to an outstanding candidate who demonstrates excellence across the following areas: professional expertise in the subject of Mathematics, effective teaching practices, care for students' development and contributions to the community.

The competition for the teachers award will be launched in early October. More information can be found on the award website.

The Irish Mathematical Trust builds on a tradition of 30 years of engagement with secondary school students, inspiring and training Ireland’s next generation of creative thinkers. The launching of this award comes on the back of a fantastic year for the IMT, having overseen the best year for Irish participation in international mathematics competitions in the previous three decades, gaining two medals at the International Mathematical Olympiad and two at the European Girls Mathematical Olympiad. With this award, the IMT hopes to encourage a quality education for students of all backgrounds and abilities.


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