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The Irish Mathematical Trust is an organization of more than thirty mathematicians from across Ireland, dedicated to inspiring and training Ireland’s next generation of creative thinkers.

IMT builds on a tradition of 30 years of engagement with secondary school students through

free classes run by our volunteer staff in 5 major university centres, and participation in the International Mathematical Olympiad.


The Irish Mathematical Trust supports an integrative approach to Mathematical Education

in Ireland, bringing together all stakeholders (teachers, parents, pupils, university students and

lecturers) in a collaborative effort aimed at bringing best practices and innovative methods to 

the teaching of Mathematics. The IMT range of current projects provide a complex, coherent

system of activities aimed at young people of ages 7-18 years, designed to ignite their enthusiasm for mathematics and to nurture their development through long-term engagement,

in a supportive atmosphere among like-minded peers.


The IMT members and associates deliver hundreds of hours of problem solving training sessions in university centres, engage tens of thousands of students in mathematical activities through detailed online support for teachers and through volunteer work within schools, converse with

the general public through a weekly dedicated rubric with the online technology news provider Silicon Republic, and train university students to teach younger generations. IMT offers secondary school students with an interest in mathematics a global perspective by organizing

the participation of Irish teams in prestigious international competitions – Mathematical Olympiads at International, European and regional level-- with three silver and three bronze medals earned by Irish students in the last two years.


All IMT work has been provided at no cost to the students or schools, thereby allowing

young people of all backgrounds an equal opportunity to improve their mathematical skills

within IMT programmes.

Please feel welcome to peruse our site and find out what we offer in support of students, teachers and parents. If you are an IMO or Mathematics Enrichment alumni, or are just passionate about mathematics and willing to help, please visit our Partners page for more information.

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