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  • Jacob Bennett-Woolf

Mathematicians in Our Lives Resources Now Freely Available

To celebrate the anniversary of George Boole, the Irish Mathematical Trust have made all of our resources from the Mathematicians in Our Lives series freely available at

The resources are complete lessons for all ages in second level education including lesson plans, student worksheets and other classroom resources.

We currently have two Mathematicians in our series, George Boole, one of the fathers of modern computing and William Rowen Hamilton, that discovered a new number system, but there have been murmurings of a new mathematician being added soon, apparently he is quite a slippery fellow.

Although the lesson plans are new freely available, we still ask that you consider registering voluntarily as we rely on national funding agencies for support so that we can continue to create and deliver more lesson materials free of charge for all users. The registration data is confidential and used only for reporting purposes, to prove the extent of our audience. We are proud to have reached every continent (except for Antarctica) and hope to see many new schools registered.

We look forward to providing many more services throughout the coming year and beyond.

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