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IMT Maths Week activities

For teachers wishing to do something special this coming Maths Week, we have prepared a resource sheet filled with exciting, easy to use activities to help your students engage and interact with mathematics.

Mathematicians in Our Lives is a comprehensive set of class materials and other resources aimed at celebrating the mathematical contributions of some great Mathematicians who have lived and worked in Ireland. We begin with an excursion into the history of Irish mathematicians with the revival of the extremely successful UCC based Boole2School initiative; however this time, Boole is joined by another. Continuing the legacy, we have William Rowan Hamilton in our ongoing series “Mathematicians in our Lives”.

The event series This Could be You is bringing our alumni and volunteers face to face with school children from all social and economical backgrounds for some honest - and occasionally irreverent - discussions on comfortable and some not so comfortable truths about mathematics. Through this scheme mathematical guests from all walks of life, from college students and researchers to industry professionals visit schools for a short talk and question and answer session on how they ended up learning mathematics and how they use it. We hope that these talks will encourage good study practice and help students gain resilience and self-confidence by showing that one doesn’t have to be a “born genius” to be good at mathematics.

Finally we feel that teachers deserve a lot of recognition as well so we have set up the Award for Irish Teachers of Mathematics, a reward to the teachers that inspire and draw out the potentional of all students. The main award consists of a trophy together with €10,000 and everyone that is nominated receives a “Thank You Teacher” poster for their school.

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