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  • Bernd Kreussler

Maths Circles Workshops for Primary School Teachers

This week, on Wednesday afternoon, we had our first Maths Circles workshop for Primary School Teachers here in Limerick.

The teachers attending the workshop were very interested in getting ready made lesson plans for in/after school activities. Our handbook with 8 lesson plans for Primary School served this purpose very well.

After a brief introduction about the idea of a Maths Circle, we did one of the activities from the handbook (Hamiltonian Paths) with them. After that, Ronan gave a brief overview over the content of the handbook. He also spoke about his own experience with these lesson plans at a Primary School in Dublin within the past two months. We then conducted a second activity with the teachers. This time this was one of Ronan's new activities. At the end, we had a discussion about future workshops, setting up Maths Circles and networking.

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