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Junior Mathematics Enrichment rolled out

The Junior Mathematics Enrichment Programme, an initiative started in UCC, is aimed at students in the junior cycle of secondary school. The programme is encouraging an investigative spirit and team work, and promoting greater conceptual understanding, problem solving skills, and adaptive reasoning. In UCC, it is run to an extent of 30-36 hours per year.

We are very happy to announce the rolling out of this programme in two other IMT centres: Limerick and Galway. The classes in Limerick started on 2 March and a first session ended in May. A new set of classes will be run in Autumn 2017. Interest and feedback were overwhelming, with more than 200 registered students.

Feedback in Galway was also overwhelmingly positive, from students, teachers, academics and tutors: Bachelor in Mathematics and Education students . The NUIG team are keen to further develop this activity and to try to embed it in our curricula in the BME programme and others. Here is a local news report.

We are looking forward to Dublin and Maynooth joining in Autumn 2017.

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