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Formula Mathematics Equation Mathematical Symbol Geometry Information Concept







How do I register for Mathematics Enrichment classes and are there any fees involved?

Mathematics Enrichment classes for secondary school students are running in 5 different centres across Ireland (UCC, UL, NUIG, UCD, Maynooth University) and are free of charge. We advertise these classes to teachers every year, and ask them to forward invitations to students who perform well in Round 1 of the Irish Mathematical Olympiad. If you would like to attend classes but have not been notified by a teacher, you can contact the local organizer from the centre nearest to you using the above links.

Are there Mathematics Enrichment classes for my son/daughter in the junior cycle?

Junior Mathematics Enrichment classes have started in Cork since 2014 and are now being rolled out to our other other centres (Limerick, Galway, Dublin, Maynooth, Waterford). To find out whether/when there are classes near you, follow the links above.

Are there Mathematics Enrichment classes for primary school students?

Currently we do not run mathematics enrichment classes for primary school students in our centres. However, we have developed a wealth of materials which can be used by teachers willing to run a Maths Circles club in their schools. We encourage you to bring these to the attention of the teacher in the school where your child attends, and encourage the teacher to start a Maths Circles club. You might even volunteer to help. You can find out more about Maths Circles here.

My child in primary school gets very bored with the Mathematics class. Can you suggest any resources that might engage him/her?

Please check our Resources.

I plan to work as a volunteer for one of the IMT programmes. Do I require Garda Vetting? How do I apply for it?

Garda Vetting is required for any person carrying out work or activity, a necessary and regular part of which consists mainly of the person having access to, or contact with, children or vulnerable adults. The requirement does not apply where a person gives assistance on an occasional basis at a school, sports or community event or activity, other than where such assistance includes the coaching, mentoring, counselling, teaching or training of children or vulnerable persons. If you require Garda Vetting, then the application should be done through the institution where you will work with children. They will provide you with a customized invitation form to start the process. 

You might find these Garda Vetting information pages useful: UCC, UCD, Limerick University, NUI Galway, Maynooth University

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